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whitewaveraven's Journal

2 December
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  • whitewaveraven@livejournal.com
I'm an Irish pacifist vegan with a love for science fiction and fantasy. I have an interest in politics, history, mythology, poetry, writing, gaming and music. I like martial arts, climbing and general fun.

The kind of music I like - Classical, rock, metal, punk, industrial, hardcore, emo,pop, soft music.

I love to travel. I never plan on stopping. I hope to die in the liminal space of an airport waiting room en route to another adventure.

I like to read,I read everything. Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classics, Poetry, Cereal boxes. You name it.I LOVE to read. My particular guilty pleasure is reading really bad lesbian fiction. Thank you Liz, only you could recommend a book about lesbian pirates (It got me through my undergraduate thesis and was mentioned in my acknowledgments). Also anything with dragons and swords and preferably some kick as female characters. Oh! and bows. I like to write too though I can't say for sure whether I am any good at it or not. Self-appraisal can be difficult. This isn't a statement of modesty or lack of confidence. Just a recognition that many people can be delusional about their own work. This doesn't stop me writing. Creation for creation's sake is good enough. I'm an amateur photographer and I love to bring my camera away with me, not for touristy shots (though I take plenty of those) but for those beautiful skies and landscapes you only see once. Everything changes and taking pictures can be like life, in the sense that sometimes you only get one chance to take a picture/ do something and you either take it or you miss out.
Goals and aspirations. I'm still trying to figure this part out. I know that I want to make a difference, travel and learn. I haven't decided how I am going to do this though, the only thing I want to do for sure is to live my life making sure that I live my life to the best of my ability to my own standards. I refuse to be a bystander and let the world pass me by.